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Rise Up with Andra Day

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text](originally posted April 20, 2018 on Of Love and Light website)


Today I wanted to share one of my favorite songs with you, a song that gets me every time. “Rise Up” by Andra Day is one of those songs that perfectly mesh powerful words and voice. This version includes a few introductory seconds of what it means to Ms. Day to be in community, supporting one another through the good times and the bad times, offering up your voice and your presence to shed a little love in someone’s life.


She apparently wrote the song when a friend was diagnosed with cancer, and says that most of the words just came out of her during a freestyle recording, according to a brief interview in Time Magazine.


But it’s such a powerful message that it has become an anthem for speaking your truth and standing up in support of fellow humans.


I don’t often share videos, so when I do, it has to be for something that feels totally worthwhile.


The first time I heard Andra Day and her gorgeous floating, molasses voice, I became a fan for life. I immediately bought her album. This is the song that I blast in my car when I need a little extra strength or a reminder to follow my heart and my inner voice, but everything she sings tells a story that matters.


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