{Lunar} Love Letters

``Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.`` —Hafiz

Hello beautiful human, 


This love letter is for you.


The you that is all heart… exuberance and grief, rage and joy, blood pumping a beat of you, and only you…


The you that responds viscerally to words like luscious, scrumptious, and sweet, that oozes with curiosity about subtle pigment and linguistic play…


The you that came into this world knowing so much: how to howl, and how to cry, the purity of a good giggle, what it is to hunger, that rest comes of a sated belly; that curious, imploring eyes, or a tiny fist wrapped around a finger, are all that are needed to pierce the grown-up facade and melt a moment into magic…


The you who knows that life cannot be measured in money or in hours. It is so, so much more than that. Life is the flow of conversations and creative moments, connection and belonging, being all alone, and never alone in this universe of infinite lives.


You are the one to whom I’d love to write a letter. Every so often, when I look up at the sky, and the moon says “today,” or the leaves wave, “it is time,” my heart would like to connect to yours.


I am a poet and an artist, a curious being, an open channel to creative spirit, and so I don’t have any way of knowing what each letter will look like. only that it will be filled with love.


Since you are here, and reading these words, whether we’ve met on this plane or another, I trust in the words of Rumi… something of us is old friends. which means that in you, I find something to love. And that love, in me, stirs something to share.


Is there anything would you like to know? Is there anything would you like me to share?


write me: alanagarrigues(at)gmail(dot)com


I’ll read what you say, and what you ask. I’ll consider it quietly. And when the moon says, “go,” I’ll share what has arisen in a lunar love letter to you. To all of you who invite a love letter by signing up to the list below.


These lunar love letters are notes of intimacy, vulnerability, ecstatic love, and honest uncertainty.


I most fear writing to you without the veil of what and how one “should” write. I most long to write to you without the veil of what and how one “should” write.


I never started a newsletter, because i only ever wanted to write a love letter. Shall we see what happens?


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Thank you.





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