Hi. I’m Alana.

I am an artist, a poet, a community organizer.

Artist Alana Garrigues smiles into the camera, a Micron pen in her hand, sitting over a large 24x24 inch piece of reclaimed plywood as she works on her Mother Tree Holds the Stories series.

The work that I do is intuitive and heavily influenced by the delight found in nature.

I also like to share upfront that I am an intersectional activist and a pantheist. (Pantheist is a term that I came to as I sought to build a vocabulary around my thoughts on divinity and non-hierarchical relationship with all of life, before discovering… it was a real word!)

It’s my way of saying I have a deep reverence for all of life, and see most everything around me as a sentient being worthy of awe and appreciation, from the dandelion to the oak to the river to the stone.

That paradigm deeply influences the work that I do: my artistry and writing always hold something of my spiritual and philosophical sensibilities.

As I researched deeply into the earliest roots of my name—Alana Marie Garrigues—I found a resonance with the words’ origins.

And I found that all on its own, my name formed a poem.

alana marie garrigues…
of the tree
of the sea
of the rock

Not only a poem, it spoke to what I do, what I love.

Without ever knowing that I was aligning my life so closely with what I am called, I found that everything that I do is built into my name.

Right now I work primarily on two fine art series: Mother Tree Holds the Stories and Small Devotions of Pigment and Water.

In the subject, there is the tree.

In the watery media that I gravitate towards (watercolors and inks), there is the sea.

In the natural inks and watercolors I love, there is granulation in the pigment. There is the rock.

If you’d like to read a bit about my journey transitioning to art, it began as a daily practice and an integral piece of healing a decade of eczema, and grew from there. I write about it in this blog post: Out of the Shadow 

Would you like to know where to find me?


Physical Space

I’m living an hour outside of Boston, alongside the gorgeous deciduous forest of Central Massachusetts these days, with my family (including twin teenagers!) and our beagador rescue. 

We’re transforming our new-to-us 60+ year old home into a place of play and dreams… experimenting with light and shadow, color, and planning a garden full of food and friendly to pollinators and local appetites.

You can also find me sometimes in Oregon, as I navigate a way into the bicoastal artist lifestyle. When I visit, I will continue to teach and share my artwork.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and it is the land that knows me. My art career started in earnest in 2019-2022, while I was back home in Oregon, the land of fern and cedar, for a stint in my adult life. My dream is to one day live on a bit of land on the coast, where I can tend to the flora and fauna and make art all day long.



The best place to see what I’m up to in my art studio and in life is to follow me on Instagram: @alanaofloveandlight. I love to share images and write about the process over there. I’m dipping my toes in reels too!

You can also find out more about my #40dayjournalforjustice art journal practice and challenge on my Instagram.


In Community

When I’m not walking or writing or painting, you can often find me hanging out in {within} artist collective, (the most fabulous!) community of womxn artists and makers. Membership in the collective includes several live gatherings each month over Zoom, including weekly open studio, weekly intention setting, and special artist experiences and creative conversations.

It is an incredible space to be seen, to be heard, to develop one’s artistic language. To build and tend to a brave, sustainable creative practice. It is for amateur, emerging, and professional artists, makers and writers. The portal is open even months of the year to welcome in new members, closed odd months to integrate and settle in. Come on in whenever you feel the pull to join.


In Art and Workshops (In-Person and Online)

Visit the homepage to find out about current exhibitions and upcoming workshops.


Through Writing

Want to know more? Email me at alana@ofloveandlight.org or subscribe to my love letters below for updates in your inbox no more than twice a month. I send behind-the-scenes photos, stories from my home studio, anecdotes of courage, and messages of gratitude and love.

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