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Coming Summer 2023: Poetry + Interview in Bait/Switch Magazine

“Holding Space with Alana Garrigues: Poet, Artist, Community Leader” | Creative Unearthing with Emma Freeman | podcast: guest interview | streaming now

Interview | The Art Friend Show with Annamieka Hopps | Instagram Live: guest interview | streaming now 

Alana Garrigues stands in front of her artwork: 19 pieces in assorted sized from 4x4 inches to 22x22 inches, all variations of tree trunks, at the AVA Gallery in Astoria, Oregon, April 2023.

hello love! 

Welcome to my little corner of the world.

I am Alana. I’m an intuitive artist, a poet, an intersectional activist, and a facilitator of creative experiences.

And I am so happy to have you here.

I’m dreaming up all sorts of beautiful ways for us to connect to one another in liberation, joy, and creativity, as I tend to the muse that lives in me. If that sort of thing speaks to you, I do hope you’ll stick around. I’d love to know you.

This website, as all creative things tend to be, is a work in progress. Just as in real life, I am practicing showing up… imperfect, incomplete, and here anyway.

As I engage in the process of building out space for us to commune ever more deeply, I thank you for your patience and your love, and I warmly invite you into relationship via the portals that currently exist: 

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  • Reach out via the ‘Work With Me‘ tab (it’s okay if you want to simply say hello!).
  • If you’ve taken a workshop from me, or seen my art, writing, or artist talks in person, leave a review for my testimonials page.
  • And come hang out with me on Threads or on Instagram @alanaofloveandlight … my social media happy places, and be sure to comment or send me a message so we can chat there!

with so much love,