Mother Tree Holds the Stories

Radial | Alana Garrigues (bas relief, acrylic)
Ghost Forest | Alana Garrigues (mixed media and collage on panel)
Specimens | Alana Garrigues (reclaimed plywood, gesso, ink, twigs, three types of lichen)
Between the Bark | Alana Garrigues (mixed media on panel: acrylic, ink, acrylic marker)
Life Cycle | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: watercolor, acrylic ink, pen)
Ancient | Alana Garrigues (WIP: mixed media on reclaimed plywood)
Treeburst | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: gesso, acrylic, collage)
Enchanted Forest | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: inktense, acrylic ink, watercolor, charcoal, collage with handprinted collage paper)
Petrified II | Alana Garrigues (acrylic ink)
Scalloped | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: watercolor, pen)
Ethereal | Alana Garrigues (acrylic ink)
Aging Gracefully | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: watercolor, acrylic ink)
We Are Family | Alana Garrigues (shared language of tree and human; white charcoal on butcher paper)
Brightwood | Alana Garrigues (mixed media: oil pastel, ink, acrylic, acrylic ink)
Shadows | Alana Garrigues (watercolor)
Petrified | Alana Garrigues (private collection)
Simple Math | Alana Garrigues (watercolor, pen)
Go | Alana Garrigues (hand carved linocut monoprint and high flow acrylic)
Mother Tree Carries the Stories | Alana Garrigues
All Together Now | Alana Garrigues (bottom layer of a collaboration in progress; mixed media)
Birch Barks and Mary Oliver | Alana Garrigues (art journal page: marker, pen, watercolor)
Pieced Together | Alana Garrigues (Micron pen, collage)

Mother Tree Holds the StoriesĀ is an ongoing series, one that will likely last a lifetime.


The drawings and paintings that I create in this series do not come with a story constructed by me.


They come instead with questions for you to unravel.


The paintings of rings and radials ask: What tales do the rings hold, as you run your fingers along their lines? What stories do the scars have to tell?


The paintings of bark may speak of protection, roots of depth, crowns of reaching and of growth, forests of community. Or they may speak of something entirely different.


As I create them, I listen for their whispers. I invite their sovereign life story.


Each has reveals to me a small something. But they will tell the most to the person who welcomes them into their home.


The images above represent a selection of the series. Artwork ranges in size from 4×4 inches up to 24×24 inches, and are created with a variety of mixed media techniques on paper, panels, and reclaimed plywood.


Click on each individual piece to see it alone in lightbox.


Prices begin at $95 for 4×4 inch original artwork; includes free shipping worldwide for small pieces. Package discounts available for purchase of three or more pieces to form your own collection. Inquire to purchase at alanagarrigues(at)gmail(dot)com. Shop coming soon.