image shows woman painting on the floor of her apartment, next to an image of a tree burst painting she has created. words on image identify it is an infographic for Creative Unearthing Podcast episode 34, with host Emma Freeman and guest Alana Garrigues (pictured), for a conversation about holding space

Listen: “Holding Space” on the Creative Unearthing podcost with Host Emma FreemanĀ 

A couple months ago, I had the true pleasure of being a guest on the Creative Unearthing podcast with host, artist, writer, and my dear friend Emma Freeman.

We talked about holding space for other artists, building community (such as the {within} artist collective that I host}, how art, nature and writing hold space for humans, the magic of turning to different mediums for different needs, and so much more. All in all, a conversation of joy and beauty and wonder.