This is an archived copy of the {news and the muse} letter that went out to subscribers on November 27, 2023. 

It has been a hot minute since i last wrote.

A couple of weeks ago, i was having a conversation with a friend who said, ‘I signed up for your emails. I received the confirmation, but then I haven’t heard anything. did I sign up correctly?’


Yes, you’ve signed up correctly, and yes, i am *honored*… like really, truly, over the moon, that you’ve invited me into your digital space. 

Sometimes i get so worried about overcrowding that i go radio silent. Which really isn’t fair to anyone.

So… let’s pick back up, shall we?

It’s the full moon in Gemini today, which feels oh so appropriate that i’d feel a chatty energy around reaching out and saying hello again.

Since we last connected, there’ve been some things happening:

I’ve done some talks and been in some shows!!

  • Last time I wrote, I was just about to travel to Oregon to give a talk and read some poetry in the small group show at Astoria Visual Arts gallery, which was AWESOME.
  • Then I got back home and one of my large tree paintings on plywood was accepted to exhibit in thecompetitive ArtsWorcester 2023 Biennial, where my painting, “Precedented II” was awarded a Juror’s Prize(!).
  • I made some zines! And I’m feeling tres awesome Gen X about it. I even got a cool stapler for bigger zines. For now, they’re available in person locally. but/and… Yes, you’ll be able to get your hands on them if you want them! Figuring that out, but getting there.
  • I led a hands-on interactive workshop called “Art Journal as Portal for Justice Conversations” at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts annual workshop, Woven Together. A day on a farm with live theater, a podcast recording, delicious food, inspired artwork, and artsy people… could it get any better?!
  • I did a super cool tree-map-collage commission that tested my geometry and scalpel skills and brought me immense joy. I would love to make one for you. It takes about two months lead time to source the maps and materials, but it is so worth it as a completely custom unique piece of art for your home (or gift for a loved one).
  • I was accepted into Artists U x MASS MoCA, a six-month cohort of 39 artists from across the commonwealth andRhode Island that included the *best* kick-off weekend at the Fitchburg Art Museum, and will include monthly mentorship and small-group check-ins.
  • altered a book… a hardcover copy of “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin… which was an incredible transformative process. That can currently be seen on view in the juried “Page Turner” exhibit at ArtsWorcester, on display in theDavis Gallery through December 17 at 44 Portland Street in Worcester, MA. Like seriously, let’s talk sometime about altering books. I wanna hold space for that. I wanna talk about it. I wanna do it with you.
  • In addition to that, you can see the painting at the top of this email in the Main Gallery at ArtsWorcester through December 17. 
  • And you can see some of my non-tree artwork in the “Her Signature” show at Main Street Studios in Fitchburg, MA through the month of December, along with the work by several other contemporary female artists from theMassachusetts Women’s Caucus for Art.
  • I’ve said goodbye to the {within} artist collective. Which was hard to close, and also, it was time. Both grief andcelebration around the decision. I will be back to holding community space in some form in the future.
  • I did some updates on my website, and am making a list of what more there is to do. (Hint: there’s always a lot!)
  • I’ve changed the email server… which was honestly one of my biggest hangups in reaching out. I’m not used to theformat (I don’t know how to make it pretty with loads of images anymore, and I really want it to be pretty to skim and scan!), and I worry that it won’t land in your inbox, andblah-blah-di-blah, yes. 

Which is all to say… if you do receive this, and you’ve read this far, and you could do me the favor of letting me know you received the email, I would really appreciate it.

More to share next round. I’ll work on making this a more regular thing, m’kay? 

I get so busy looking at what’s capturing my attention in front of me that I forget to slow down, reflect back, and tell you about thejust-done and the here-and-now and the what’s-coming-up! 

What might that entail?

  • A little video teaser I posted to Instagram… I’m working on asking for help and support, so I’ll be setting up a Patreon with some sweet ways to get involved as a patron of the arts and a recipient of heart- and justice-centered creations. 
  • And maybe this is finally the year I’ll figure out how to set up a shop? Perhaps! I’ve got art, and I do sell it! But I want to make it super duper easy for you to say, ‘Yes! I want this piece of art in my home!’ and I know a shop on my websitewill make it easy. Stay tuned… 
  • In the meantime, if you want to purchase any of my tree rings, prices range from $195 for a small piece unframed up to $3800 for larger work on reclaimed plywood. Shipping is always free. Feel free to inquire about which works are available to replying to this email, and let me know if you’d like to chat over email or jump on a Zoom.

I truly do appreciate you. In this world consumed by methods andmanners to control, I wish you peace and sovereignty in your life, and the magic of creative expression.

much, much love and gratitude,